Berlin is big city and sum of many villages at the same time. Open minded and rough all at once.
There is no room for discrimination. A city full of endless possibilities – but not everyone gets to eat a piece
of that cake. Privatization, dying of culture and ousting are everywhere.
The music demo takes all that and much more back to the streets.
Our demands and the problems of this city, combined with strobo, loud bass and solidarity.
Let’s take our city back!

online banner

after designing their logo in 2018 my friends at "Kolletiv Kirsch" asked me if i could create a logo for their claim "Wem gehört die Stadt" 
(Who owns the city?) 
the design is linked to graffiti and bold signs at demonstrations.
the colors were taken from the political party "Die Linke" which acts like
a head for "Kollektiv Kirsch".

final logo

in 2019 they organized their 2nd music demo to dance against privatization,
dying of culture of Berlin. I got the chance to illustrate the poster the old fashioned way: draw - scan - digitalize
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