Back in 2021 i got the opportunity to work with FMD
on the Top Spot Award for Switzerland. 
FMD is specialized on content creating and professional filmmaking.
when they where asked to plan the award i stepped in and created
a visual route that would go hand in hand with the tourism department
of Switzerland.
the creative process started with a lot of research about switzerland and
the target group of the contest. after some ideas that were also close to
a final keyvisual, the client loved the clean style of the end result.
I created a series of printed assets such as tickets for the award night,
an information handout and other displays for the night.
the award itself was a co-creation of "new wave" and me. we talked about
materials, light and different types of awards. the final result was very
pleasant because it highlights the logo so nice and the wooden support
has this nature bound connection to Switzerland.
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