Client: Tanzdemo 2020
2020 was a complicated and weird year for the whole world.
especially events and demonstrations had to come up with
new plans and creative ways to make their voices be heard.
the "tanzdemo" was no exception and so they split one big
demonstration into three, spreading across berlin.
everyone was on a bike and speaking up against high rents
and displacement.
since I created the illustrations for the
last years I was also asked this time.
it was a long process of brainstorming and doodling.
in the end I came up with the idea of a rich person's
hand holding an ice cream cone representing berlin.
the jewelry shows the contrast between things that
matter in his/her world like money and status.
on the other side there is this "melting berlin city"
which looks like something fun to play with.
but berlin and it's people are nothing to play with.
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