Client: Lobosonda Whale watching Madeira
Lobosonda and i started working together in 2014.
besides smaller projects and the bigger "WORLD OCEAN DAY",
the idea started to grow to make more information accessible for
visitors. In 2007 Lobosonda, were the only whale watching team,
that collected their sighting-data and provided them to the local
whale museum.
we decided to analize the data and create some infographics -
displayed on posters for the visitors.
We are the guests out there
so we need to behave accordingly!
Lobosonda's philosophy
the main question before creating infographics is: which data is
useful and what is a viewer-friendly and nice way to display them.
so i ended up designing three posters about the sightings of
cetaceans by Lobosonda and two posters about their boats.
each answering questions that are asked by visitors and giving
them information about Lobosonda and the marine life of Madeira.