So everyone knows Amnesty International and their important work on the rights of humans all over the world.
Luckily I got the chance to attend the pitch in 2021 to visualize the report that is published every year by Amnesty. The report displays the status of human rights around the globe but it mostly contains heavy content & plain text. so the goal was to visualize what's written and also give the report a branding that can easily be used off- and online.
Let's begin with the branding and further down I'll show the illustration-work.
When working on a brand I always start with a lot of communication and testing where the client wants to go and if he/she has something in mind already. in the case of Amnesty I was mainly free besides color, font and the "candle". so I started testing and doodling in illustrator (collection of drafts below).
We had lots of ideas and it was interesting to see that they liked conservative but also more modern drafts as well. so I started to combine the key elements and give It a little twist. shifting the year let's the "REPORT" stand out more as a own brand but also makes it easy to change the year annually without interrupting the design.
it was also very important that we decided to be flexible with the "Amnesty International" name. it sure makes the logo more adaptable but also gives it it's own standing. the "candle" mark is just enough to connect so the "Amnesty" is only added in more formally cases.
below you see the final logo displayed in different versions.
now that we were done with the basics it was time with the illustrations.  in cooperation with the social media team amnesty international Germany we worked out 25 topics from the report. we had to decide what is relevant right now and would could be illustrated and understood easily.
at the same time is was collecting mood boards to present my idea and illustration concept. a lot of wishes and notes where coming together and resulted in a very raw but kind style.
the combination of black, cartoonish lines and the second information layer in yellow made the illustrations interesting and capable to display a lot of information.
hands became the key element for this project, because no matter where you are, hand language is always an option. certain hand gestures are understood everywhere in the world.
I then teamed up with a friend of mine, moe. he's an artist and helped me with illustrating all these hands and also his creative input. the biggest challenge of this project was the input from the report we had to translate into infographics and illustrations. many topics are brutal, complex and definitely nothing where you can show a cake-graph.
so we found ourselves talking and doodling ideas and thinking about the most real and respectful way to work on this project. here are some of the work and the rest can be seen on the instagram page - amnesty international.
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