I'm Maik, after being born and raised in Berlin I got my Abitur in 2007
and finished my Bachelor of Arts in 2010 in Mediadesign.
Followed by a lot of travelling and figuring out what freelancing
and life is all about - I'm now working on the work-life balance
I always wanted.
Over the years I learned a lot about my job as
a freelance graphic designer and that being my
own boss is freedom but a full-time challenge as well.​​​​​​
After working as a senior graphic designer for communication,
branding and event agencies for over thirteen years, i gained
much experience and insights how things roll in the business.
below there's a selection of recent clients and jobs and an
easy way to get to know me (scroll down please).

selection of clients:
Amnesty International | Schach zu Dritt | familie redlich | Die Schweiz |
insglück | Die Linke | Katapult - magazin | Kompaktmedien |
Das Kartell | FMD | Saxonia Diagnostics | Steinberger Silberstein
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